Avengers EMH: #13

World War 3 – Part 2 of 4. « Winning and Losing » Guest-starring the Fantastic Four, Stormwatch, Wetworks, and the WildCATs. Script by James Robinson. Pencils by Michael Ryan. Inks by Saleem Crawford and Sal Regla. Cover by Richard Bennett and Tom Laney. Story continues from Fantastic Four (2nd series) #13. It’s a convoluted tale of merging universes and alternate realities! After the stunning conclusion to the four-part Heroes Reunited story, the Heroes Reborn universe merged with the Wildstorm universe! And the various superheroes were mixed and matched on different teams! And now with the joint universe under attack from the Skrulls, Daemonites, and Doctor Doom; the heroes must develop a two-pronged strategy to « unlock » the two universes! Story continues in Iron Man (2nd series) #13