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Avengers War Across Time TPB
Journey back to the Avengers’ earliest days! Eisner Hall of Famer Paul Levitz, known for his storied career at DC Comics, writes his first-ever Marvel story – a love letter to Avengers history – together with fellow superstar Alan Davis! Kang the Conqueror has targeted the classic Avengers team in a showdown that will span centuries – but what will Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, the Wasp and Giant-Man learn about the team’s future? From battling the Hulk on the streets of NYC and invading the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building to facing the menaces of the Asgardian dwarves and the Lava Men, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must field every threat Kang throws their way – but despite their courage and heroism, will they ultimately be lost to the swirling mists of time? Collecting AVENGERS: WAR ACROSS TIME #1-5. Rated T+