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Deleter Jr Screen Tone JR-127
This Pattern Screen can be use as describing color, shadow, contrast, lighting, textures. moods, backgrounds or backdrops, and patterns in comic.

Sheet Size: 182 x 253 mm (7.16″x 9.96″)
Printed Area: 165 x 230 mm (6.50″x 9.06″)

DELETER Screen Tones are a fundamental tool of comic design, architect and creative design for a wider range of expression and to save time.
Used by professional artists, screen tones are used for shadows, patterns, textures, contrast, and etc. Screen tones may also be layered upon each other to create more depth or different patterns.

To use, you place the screen tone over the area you want to cover, and then cut the screen tone to the correct shape.
Screen tones may also be altered by scratching the surface of the screen to remove tone or to create different effects, or by using a rubber eraser to remove parts of the tone.

“DELETER” is the Premier manufacturer of Comic Art materials in Japan.
Since 1984, as a result of constant developing and improvements, DELETER products have been a major art material supplier to both art schools and professional Japanese comic artists.
Products are available at over 500 stores in Japan and exported worldwide to over 86 countries.