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Donald Duck & Uncle Scrooge World Of Dragonlords Hardcover
Help us, Huey, Louie, and Dewey! You’re Morgworld’s only hope! » A feature-length fantasy epic pits Donald, Scrooge, and the gang against a deadly troll kingdom! Donald, Uncle Scrooge, and their nephews are locked in a Duckburg family feud when an interdimensional doorway appears… and takes them to Morgworld, a medieval realm where trolls rule, humans are serfs, and dragons beasts of burden! Can our squabbling Ducks bring justice to this land of swords and sorcery? Giorgio Cavazzano (Donald Duck: The Forgetful Hero), among Italy’s most celebrated comics artists, brings his outrageous energy, emotive characters, and wild « techno » style to a feature-length 21st-century Disney fantasy tale, filled with fire-breathing frenzy by beloved writer/editor Byron Erickson (« A Mickey Mystery »)! Fly on dragonback to the fortress city of Toom! Meet way-out wizard Hintermann, bold warrior Brendon, boy prisoner Jute, and three blazing dragons… Smoky, Sniffles, and Spitfire! It’s up to Donald, Scrooge, and the boys to rescue these ragtag rebels – don your armor and get ready!