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Dream Weaver: Tales From The Subconscious Anthology

When we go to drift to sleep or allow our minds to wander, we slip into a subconscious state where anything is possible. You become a legendary hero, your crush finally asks you out, or maybe pigs can fly. In this state, we become pathfinders on the precipice of endless possibility.

In our newest comics anthology, “Dream Weaver: Tales from the Subconscious,” Level Ground Comics invites you to take a deep dive inside your unconscious mind and explore what your dreams and desires may hold.

« Dream Weaver: Tales from the Subconscious » is Level Ground Comics’ fourth annual all-ages anthology. This book features 18 original 6-page black-and-white comics by 19 up-and-coming artists. The paperback anthology will be digest size (8.5 in x 5.5 in) with perfect binding and a soft-touch cover featuring art by Merrisa Mayhew.