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Dungeons & Dragons Library Collector’s TPB Volume 01
Explore iconic locations and fan-favorite characters from across the multiverse with these thrilling stories from the history of IDW’s Dungeons & Dragons comics! First, in The Legend of Drizzt-Neverwinter Tales, Drizzt and his companion, Dahlia, hunt for something that seems part vampire and part elite dwarven warrior, and must find out how the evil lich Valindra Shadowmantle and her minion Korbin Dor’crae factor into the mystery. Then, in Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter Tierflin and Doum’weille are half-Drow siblings, locked in competition for the ownership of the bloodthirsty sword Khazid’hea-the Cutter! Their father, the Drow renegade Tos’un-a veteran of battles against the Kingdom of Many-Arrows-is forced to choose his heir…but what does the powerful sword have to say on the subject?