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JLA TPB Volume 13 Rules Of Engagement (Feb040270)
Written by Joe Kelly and Rick Veitch; ART by Darryl Banks, Wayne Faucher, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen, Duncan Rouleau and Aaron Sowd; COVER by Mahnke and Nguyen In stores April 7. In this trade paperback collecting JLA #77-82, the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes must confront Mnemon’s attack on the solar system, followed by a visit to an alien world as the team tries its hand at being proactive. Plus, the 3-part story ‘White Rage,’ in which a commune of metahumans comes under attack and the JLA is all that stands between them and the U.S. Army. For more information, see the feature article. SC, 7×10, 144pg, FC