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Lance Stanton Wayward Warrior #1
Space soldier Lance Stanton is ordered on a mission by his master Lord Craygun to thwart an incoming attack by villainous traitor Philip Freedmon. Donned in a skin-tight bodysuit and armed with a retractable staff-axe, Stanton embarks deep into the treacherous wastelands to seek out his target while facing off against a gang of bedraggled hippie warriors, and homicidal robots. Published straight into obscurity in 1989, Hammac Publications hopeful DIY hero Lance Stanton: Wayward Warrior lasted only a single issue, and represents the thwarted ambitions of two Suburban Maine dreamers writer James McNaughton III, childhood friend of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, and artist David Bamford, who illustrated this issue 13 years after giving up on comics the first time.