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Maker Comics Graphic Novel Live Sustainably
Inside Live Sustainably!, the latest volume of First Second’s DIY comic series, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for eight sustainability projects. After Isaac is caught vandalizing a sign at his local community garden, he’s put to work under the wing of one of the gardeners, Aurora. But Isaac’s time with Aurora isn’t just about growing vegetables! As they make useful projects together for the garden and for Isaac’s home, Aurora teaches Isaac about the natural and human-built systems we’re all a part of, how our decisions and lifestyles impact the planet, and how even a kid can make better choices to live more sustainably! As with all the titles in the Maker Comics series, Live Sustainably is a step-by-step DIY guide that will help kids roll up their sleeves and get making with confidence! In this book you’ll learn how to make a composting worm farm, beeswax food wrappers, a bee garden, and more.