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Man From Maybe #2 (Of 3) Cover A Shaky Kane (Mature)
The wastelands are ablaze with cosmic peril! Beware! The hard, bad lands of the future are filled with danger even on the best of days! But how can even the toughest mutant rustlers compare to the terror of DINO-NAUTS hopped up on the trippy nega-mind substance that is . . . the Purple Claw?! The Man From Maybe rides hard, searching for revenge for his fallen comrades! Saving the wasteland from the machinations of malevolent billionaire Harvard Denny is just the cherry on top of this oil-slick sundae. Join Jordan Thomas (Weird Work, XINO) and legendary psychonaut Shaky Kane (Bulletproof Coffin, The Beef) as the Man From Maybe chases THE CRATE OF DEATH!